Spheres Of Chaos

Spheres Of Chaos 2.012

A spectacular retro arcade blaster. Psychadelic mayhem
2.012 (See all)

Spheres of chaos is an excellent game full of fun and entertainment.
Instead of using the same style of graphics that we already know in this game it has been chosen a psicodelia of colors that explode on the screen. It is a bit strange when you start playing but once you go along the game the player will fell so amused up to the point which he will not be able to leave it.

The graphics of Spheres of Chaos are spectacular, even some of the explosions effects turn out to be fantastic. There are more colors than we can imagine and the game ends up by hypnotizing the players. The sound is as great as the rest of the game, a strange bong when we obtain a power up, intensive explosions and background noises that help to locate the drawings that appear on screen. There is no music, except the noise that we do with our moves.

The controls are totally customizable and we can configure our game pad, the keyboard and the mouse.

Spheres of Chaos is a great video game, though you need to have time in order to understand it.

Psicodelia and amusement granted.

Review summary


  • Excellent sounds
  • Very entertaining


  • Not for all ages
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